What is Cosmex?

COSMEX is a carpet and hard-surface stain-removal solvent for removing stains caused by adhesive tape marks, cosmetics, glue, lipstick, mascara, nail polish, some types of ink stain and oil stains.

Key Benefits

  • Non-flammable
  • Low-odour
  • Effective on stains

How Does It Work?

COSMEX is an ester-type solvent that dissolves a variety of resin, wax and polymer-based materials

For Use On…

COSMEX is suitable for removing adhesive tape marks, cosmetics, lipstick, mascara, nail polish and some types of ink stains from carpet, fabrics and hard surfaces. It is also useful for tackling bicycle rubber tyre-marks on concrete.


  • COSMEX should not be used on tar-backed tiles because the tar-backing material may be carried onto the carpet fibres.
  • As COSMEX is a solvent, it will attack soft plastics and some hard plastics and it should not be used on vinyl or leather surfaces.
  • As COSMEX is relatively slow to evaporate, please allow time for the treated area to dry completely before exposing to traffic.

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