Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners are the most convenient way to clean any large commercial space, making these vacuum cleaners Compact and lightweight; with powerful motors and comfortable straps. Vacuum Backpack Cleaners are ideal for cleaning Offices, Hotels & Commercial Buildings alike.

WACER Vacuum Cleaners comes with excellent after sales support and we carry a full range of spare parts. Our Backpack Vacuum Cleaner range includes, Pacvac, Karcher, Ghibli and many other leading brands. Talk to to the experts to ensure you buy the right Backpack Vacuum Cleaner for the right job.

What is HEPA?

HEPA is an acronym for high-efficiency particulate air. It is a type of filter that can trap a large number of very small particles; the other vacuum cleaners would simply recirculate back into the air of your home. Our HEPA vacuums are recommended for minimizing dust, dander, and other common allergens in homes where people suffer from allergies and respiratory conditions.

Our range of backpack Vacuum Cleaners includes the Super Pro series, which leads the world in design and innovation. It features:
  • An ergonomic frame and harness with waist and chest support.
  • Adjustable straps to fit users of all different sizes.
  • Patented Active Air Hypercone technology for maximum suction and performance.
  • An offset dome lid to prevent collected dust from settling and compacting.

We also sell and recommend the Ghibli T1 backpack Vacuum Cleaners. This vacuum offers a range of improvements over traditional backpack cleaners, including a dual harness to reduce shoulder strain and potential back injuries.WACER stocks backpack vacuum cleaners for all commercial environments,  so call us today for a free onsite demonstration.

Why Choose Wacer?

One of Western Australia’s top cleaning equipment and consumables suppliers, WA Cleaning Equipment Repairs has been catering for the needs of commercial cleaners and contractors for more than twelve years. We pride ourselves on always supplying the best cleaning equipment from the leading manufacturers at the most affordable prices, and back it up with customer service practices that always exceed expectations.

We also service and repair everything we sell, including most other types of Vacuum Cleaners, extractors, polishers, scrubbers, sweepers, spotters and pressure washers. If your cleaning business is based in Perth, simply call for our convenient pickup and drop off repair service, and we’ll have you up and running again in no time.

Leading names that we stock and recommend include Columbus, Conquest, Karcher, Windsor, Kerrick, Cleanstar, Polivac, Razorback, HydraMaster and Prochem. We also import and are the sole Australian repair agent for Rotowash, and all-in-one cleaner for all types of floors.

We also have your consumables covered, stocking a big range of cleaning chemicals including carpet pre-sprays, spotters, encapsulation, emulsifiers and tile cleaners from leading names like Hydramaster, Prochem, Zenith and Viper.

We have the best prices in town for Backpack Vacuum Cleaners and also we have one of the best after sales support teams in WA. We also have finance options where by you can own the equipment you require today without using your cash. This allows you to buy business assets without draining your cash flow. You can also claim your monthly payments as a 100% tax deduction when the equipment is used solely for business purposes.