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Pressure Washers (Pressure Cleaner) are a valuable addition to any cleaner or contractor’s equipment range. Compact and lightweight enough to be fully portable, yet still packing enough punch to remove the toughest grime, these versatile machines are designed for applications such as building maintenance, surface preparation, equipment wash down, and drain and sewer cleaning.  These power washers are ideally suited as truck washers.

At WACER, we have an excellent range of power washers from leading makers All are incredibly high quality, reliable and efficient machines, backed with manufacturer’s warranties and WACER’s famous after-sales service and support. We invite you to view our range online, and then call us to organise a free onsite demonstration, so you can try before you buy.

Commercial pressure washers use an electric or petrol motor, pump and concentrating nozzle to boost water pressure from a hose up to 60 times, making short work of tough cleaning jobs. They’re ideal for cleaning large indoor or outdoor surface areas, trucks, machinery, and equipment and they can blast away mildew, stains, and general dirt far more quickly and easily than is possible with general hand scrubbing.

Surfaces can you clean with a pressure washer include:

Wood – hardwood surfaces such as decks require a low-pressure nozzle to prevent etching and you should work along the grain when cleaning.
Concrete – paths and driveways require a rotary nozzle if heavily soiled and a pencil nozzle for spot-cleaning grease stains.
Brick – to clean mould, algae and grime from brick surfaces, choose a wide angle nozzle and move the wand in wide arcs to prevent surface degradation.
Siding – to clean vinyl, fibre cement or timber siding, use a broad nozzle and don’t spray too close to the surface if the siding is painted to avoid stripping away the paint.
Roofs – use low water pressure when cleaning a roof to avoid damaging the surface or losing your balance from the blowback.
Vehicles – use high water pressure to clean industrial machinery such as tractors and excavators and low pressure on cars to protect the paintwork.



WACER’s extensive range of pressure washers include both cold water petrol washers and industrial hot water models from trusted makers such as Karcher and Kerrick. If you’re responsible for the regular cleaning and maintenance of very dirty environments and are looking for the most cost-effective method available, we have a commercial pressure washer to suit your needs.

Cold water petrol pressure washers and cleaners


A cold water pressure washer is the perfect cleaning solution when you need to remove stubborn dirt and debris from a range of different surfaces. Cost-effective and versatile, these types of pressure washers are cheaper to run than hot water units, and easily remove caked-on dirt and mud from walls, driveways, machinery, and other high dirt areas.

The inlet valve This is connected to the water supply and it pushes the water into the pump so it can be sprayed out at high pressure. The inlet valve can be connected directly to the mains water or in some models, connected to a tank, which gravity-feeds water into the pump.

The petrol motor This is attached to the pump and it runs at varying revs, depending on how much pressure is required. Petrol motors are normally four-stroke and have plenty of torque to supply constant and smooth power to the pump. A 150 to 200cc motor will produce about 2500 psi, while a 400cc motor can produce much higher pressures needed for heavy duty cleaning jobs.

The pump This pressurises the water and then pushes it down the pipe to the gun. A pump on a petrol washer needs to be robust enough to cope with lots of pressure and mid-range washers normally have an axial cam pump, while really high pressure commercial models often have a heavy duty triplex pump.

The hose This connects the washer to the gun and needs to be extremely robust to withstand being dragged across rough surfaces, long enough to reach where you need it and strong enough not to rupture or split at high pressures. Many petrol washers come with high-end braided hoses, which are made tough to last the distance.

The gun This is attached to the end of the hose and it has a trigger that releases the water at the required pressure. It must be light and comfortable enough for prolonged use and be very responsive so the water can be turned off and on quickly and easily.

The nozzle This is connected to the gun, which pushes the water through it and onto the surface to be cleaned. Most petrol washers come with a set of different sized nozzles to cater for most cleaning needs and specialised nozzles can also be purchased for specific cleaning jobs.

WACER carries a range of cold water petrol pressure washers from leading manufacturers like Kerrick and Hyqua, and these tough machines are built to get results. Fully portable on a sturdy wheeled frame, they would make a great addition to any cleaner or contractor’s arsenal. We invite you to view them online and then call us for a free onsite demo, so you can see what a punch a cold water pressure washer can pack.


Industrial hot water pressure washers

Industrial hot water pressure washers pack some serious cleaning punch, and are a fast, easy way to remove sticky and greasy residues without relying on harsh chemicals. These machines are designed to blast away tough grease, grime and oil that cold pressure washers can’t remove and are ideal for use in car dealerships, construction sites, workshops, and factories.

Here’s a brief summary of how hot water pressure washers work:

  • Detergent flows in through a hose from a bottle or container.
  • Cold water flows in via another hose and is filtered on the way.
  • An electric motor powers a water pump, which draws the detergent and water in and mixes them together.
  • A water heater heats the water to a temperature between 40°C and 80°C.
  • The pump squirts out hot soapy water through the nozzle and onto the surface being cleaned.

Hot water pressure washers clean by combining three key elements – heat, agitation, and detergent, which together allow them to effectively remove grease and oil that cold water washing simply can’t shift.

Heat creates a high-speed molecular action which reduces the water’s surface tension, allowing it to penetrate grime at the molecular level. Agitation is the scrubbing action that is created when the water hits the cleaning surface under high pressure. And the detergent uses softening agents to mix the grime and water together in an emulsion which can then be washed away.

At WACER, we carry hot water pressure washers from leading names like Karcher and Kerrick, and all our machines are tough, reliable, powerful and built to last. If you’re in the market for a superior cleaning tool, we recommend you call us to organise a free onsite demonstration – we guarantee you’ll be blown away by what these awesome machines can do!

Why choose WACER?

More commercial cleaners prefer WA Cleaning Equipment Repairs. Why? Because since opening in 2004 we’ve been committed to supplying clients with the best equipment from the world’s top manufacturers, all at incredibly low prices.

Brands we stock and recommend include Polivac, Karcher, Cleanstar, Windsor, Razorback, Hydramaster, Kerrick, Columbus, Conquest and Prochem. We also import and repair Rotowash cleaners, the machine that makes short work of any floor surface.

At WACER, we also have a pick up and drop off repair service and full maintenance centre, so we can expertly service and repair most current makes of pressure washers, vacuums, polishers, spotters, scrubbers, extractors and sweepers.

As well as direct sales, we offer our clients the option of Flexi-Renting their equipment. This gives you all the cleaning gear you need for a low monthly fee, allows you to access regular model upgrades, and is fully tax-deductible as an operating expense. We also provide specialist services for our clients such as truck mount installations and electrical test and tagging, and all of our work is performed to the highest of industry standards.

WACER also has all of your cleaning chemicals such as tile cleaners, encapsulation, emulsifiers, spotters and carpet pre-sprays in all the top brands including Viper, Zenith, Hydramaster and Prochem. In short, we have everything you could possibly need for your commercial cleaning business, and it’s all under one big roof at 8/36 John Street, Bentley.