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High Quality Industrial and Commercial Vacuum Cleaners in Perth
Specifically designed for large surface areas, our equipment boasts superior power and extended operating times. At WACER in Perth, we specialise in supplying industrial Vacuum Cleaners to meet any professional requirement.
With various models available, our Commercial Cleaners are constructed with heavy gauge steel, stainless steel and aluminium for enhanced reliability. Our full range includes HEPA, industrial machine shop/CNC chip, backpack, industrial soot, coal dust, explosion proof, industrial air powered and custom industrial vacuums.
WACER’s selection of quality industrial floor vacuums help you to clean offices, airports, department stores and businesses with ease.

Why Choose Industrial and Commercial Vacuum Cleaners?
At WACER, our range of industrial and Commercial Vacuum Cleaners boast long life spans and greater cost effectiveness in comparison to domestic vacuums. Our vacuums are designed to last longer, withstanding frequent and heavy duty use thanks to high quality components and superior structural integrity.
The Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
Put simply, domestic vacuum cleaners lack the power and reliability required when cleaning expansive surfaces or multiple rooms and floors.

At WACER, we supply a variety of commercial vacuums coming in both backpack and canister models. While backpack vacuums allow you to move freely, canister models clean up liquid spills as well as collecting dust and dirt. Stocking a variety of machines from Super Pro, Ghibli, Windsor, Cleanstar, Pacvac, Kerrick and Nilfisk, our vacuums are strong, quiet and built to last.

With superior dust control and filtration plus reliable warranties and after-sales services, WACER has a vacuum to suit any commercial application.

Backpack Vacuums

For convenience and mobility, our Commercial Vacuum Cleaners backpack floor vacuums have you covered. Benefits include:

  • Ergonomic design to distribute weight evenly
  • Less bending and lowering required to maintain good posture
  • Enhanced mobility for a comprehensive and more efficient clean
  • Battery operated for greater freedom in hard to reach areas or spaces with restricted access to power

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Designed to pick up liquids as well as dust and dirt, wet and dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaners are ideal for areas prone to unexpected spills. Available in tow-behind and handheld models, our wet and dry vacuums are preferred by cleaners across Perth.

Instead of utilising a vacuum bag, wet and dry vacuums use two bucket systems that separate liquids from solids. Some vacuums also feature blower functions, ideal for outdoor applications and saving you from investing in an additional machine. Wet and dry vacuums provide quality results in hard floors, with some featuring a range of attachments to remove grout and grime.

At WACER, you’ll find an extensive range of wet and dry vacuums from brands like Cleanstar, Kerrick, Karcher and Pac Vac. We stock a variety of motor sizes and various capacities, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect heavy duty wet and dry vacuum for any application.

Expert Advice on Industrial and Commercial Vacuums

For high quality industrial and commercial cleaning products, equipment and floor vacuums, WACER has you covered. We specialise in supplying Perth cleaners and professionals with reliable and functional equipment for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Get expert advice on our industrial and commercial floor vacuums. Call WACER today on (08) 9458 4400 or contact us directly here.

There are several different types of industrial vacuums, but the two types most popular with commercial cleaners are the backpack and canister models. Backpack vacuums allow the user to move freely without the vacuum unit getting in the way, while canister models such as the wet & dry vacuum are ideal for cleaning up liquid spills as well as normal dust and dirt.

WACER’s Commercial Vacuum Cleaners are strong, quiet and built to last, with powerful motors and hi-tech features to efficiently clean a wide range of spaces including offices, hotels and other commercial spaces. We stock a wide range of machines and all are made by the best manufacturers including Super Pro, Ghibli, Windsor, Cleanstar, Pacvac, Kerrick and Nilfisk.

Our industrial vacuums feature innovative technology for superior dust control and filtration, lightweight, compact designs for ease of cleaning, and comprehensive warranties and after-sales service. We have a vacuum to suit every commercial application, and we invite you to call us for a free onsite demonstration today.

Backpack vacuums

Commercial backpack vacuums have a number of advantages over regular tow-behind machines:

  • They are better for your health if your job requires constant cleaning for hours at a time, as they allow you to remain in an upright position without constantly bending your back.
  • They are better for your posture, with ergonomic frames and harnesses distributing the weight evenly against the hips and shoulders.
  • They allow you to concentrate on your cleaning, without having to worry about dragging a canister behind you or tripping over the cord.
  • Because the canister is strapped to your back, you can clean at a higher level than with a floor-bound unit.
  • They are more productive, allowing the user to cover up to five times the square feet of an upright vacuum in the same amount of time.
  • Battery operated models allow you to clean in spaces where cords aren’t suitable such as aircraft, theatres, classrooms, churches, elevators and stairs.

WACER’s backpack vacuums are the most convenient way to clean any large commercial space. Compact and lightweight, with powerful motors and comfortable straps, they’re ideal for cleaning offices of all types. We stock a backpack vacuum cleaner for all commercial environments, so why not try before you buy and call us today for a free onsite demonstration.

HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

What is a “HEPA” Vacuum?

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums differ from conventional
vacuums in that they contain filters that are capable of trapping extremely
small, micron-sized particles. A true HEPA filter can trap 99.97 percent
of all airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns. To illustrate how
small this is, a human red blood cell is usually between 6 and 8 microns

Why do HEPA vacuums need to be used for lead dust cleaning?

Airborne lead dust particles are around 2 or 3 microns in size and
settled dust can be anything larger than this all the way up to full
size paint chips. While any household vacuum could pick up paint chips,
the average household vacuum releases particles smaller than 50 microns
which means that the vast majority of the smallest and most easily spread
particles are being blown back into the air.

If I use a HEPA vacuum to clean a surface, does that mean it
is free of lead dust?

A HEPA vacuum will pick up loose dust from surfaces, however a residue
of adhered lead dust will likely remain on the surface which should
be cleaned by wet wiping or cleaning.

Wet & dry vacuum cleaners

Commercial wet & dry vacuum cleaners are designed to pick up liquids as well as dust and dirt, making them perfect for environments such as workshops, schools and hospitals, where unexpected spills are a daily part of life. Boasting powerful suction and conveniently available in both tow-behind and handheld models, these robust and durable machines are widely used and preferred by contract cleaners around the world.

Instead of the vacuum bag found in a dry vacuum cleaner, a wet & dry vacuum cleaner uses a two bucket system where liquids are separated from solids into two different chambers. The wet and dry debris is sucked up through the cleaner’s intake port and travels along a tube. As it travels over the buckets, the airflow decreases, causing the liquid droplets and heavier dirt particles to fall out of the air stream and into the buckets. The air is then drawn through a motorized fan and exits via the exhaust port.

A wet vacuum cleaner sometimes has a blower function which allows it to draw air in and expel it out rapidly, making it ideal for outside uses such as pushing leaves into convenient piles without needing to rake. Wet and dry cleaners can also be used for buffing and vacuuming hardwood floors and some even come with special brush attachments for cleaning grout from floor tiles.

At WACER we have an excellent range of wet and dry vacuums from top names like Cleanstar, Kerrick ,Karcher and Pac Vac, all with different capacities and motor sizes – so you’re guaranteed to find a vacuum that’s absolutely perfect for you. If you need a heavy duty cleaner that can handle the toughest spills, wet or dry, we invite you to view our range online and call us to arrange a free onsite demo today.

Need help finding the ideal machine?

If you have questions about one of our industrial vacuums or need some expert advice,
don’t hesitate to give us a call on (08) 9458 4400 or contact us directly here.