Why You Should Choose a Floor Scrubber Over a Mop and Bucket

Looking to optimise your cleaning processes and save time and money? Ditch the mop and bucket and upgrade to a floor scrubber. Whether you’re cleaning open warehouse spaces or packed retail stores, a floor scrubber offers a range of benefits to make cleaning easier and more effective.

Here’s why you should consider investing in a floor scrubber.

Drier and Safer Floors

The mop and bucket method tends to leave puddles and a slippery sheen over floors. Sometimes taking hours to dry, mopped floors can pose a health and safety risk to you, your staff and other people in the building.

Floor scrubbers effectively scrub surfaces then suck up all dirty water to leave floors drier and safer. You can avoid risky hazards and potential falls while restoring access to the cleaned area quicker than ever.

Greater Efficiency

Floor scrubbers allow you to clean hard surfaces with greater efficiency. Using less water and offering a quicker dry time, you can clean a greater surface area with minimised water and product consumption. Equipped with advanced technology and strong tools and attachments, floor scrubbers remove grime, grease and stubborn dirt with minimal effort to leave a clean and hygienic surface.

Higher Productivity

A happy and productive employee translates to better results for you and your business. By providing your staff with advanced and effective equipment and tools, you allow them to work with greater productivity and success. Employees are able to accomplish more in less time and see their hard work paying off. With happier employees who feel more equipped for their roles, you can retain quality people to support your business.

Cleaner Surfaces

Compared to the mop and bucket method, floor scrubbers revolutionise floor cleanliness and hygiene. Mop and buckets tend to spread dirt and germs instead of actually removing it, resulting in a grime that can linger on floors no matter how many times they’re mopped. With a floor scrubber, you’re directly removing the dirt and the water used to clean the floor, reducing the spread of debris and restoring floors to a cleaner and hygienic condition.

Reduced Cross Contamination

With a mop and bucket, you’re confined to using the existing water in your bucket. As you use your bucket water to rinse your mop then scrub different areas of your floor, you’re effectively using dirty water to clean.

Floor scrubbers keep dirt and germs confined to the machine, removing the risk of cross contamination to different areas as opposed to a mop and bucket.

Quality Floor Scrubbers in Perth

At WACER, we make it easy to find high quality commercial cleaning equipment. Stocking top products from the industry’s best brands, our floor scrubbers help you enhance your efficiency and productivity.

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