What to Think About When Buying a Commercial Floor Scrubber

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You may have come to the sudden realisation that there are better ways to clean that don’t involve elbow grease and hours of time, or maybe as a boss you’re being proactive in finding new ways to improve the efficiency and cleanliness of your business.

Commercial floor scrubbers have revolutionised the way everyday cleaners tackle dirt, grease and grime in commercial high traffic areas such as hospitals, schools and retail businesses.

Before you purchase the first commercial floor scrubber you see on the WACER page, there are a few things you need to consider.

What is a Commercial Floor Scrubber?

Whether hygiene is a primary concern for your business or you have limited downtime to clean and dry your floors, you need to invest in a cleaning method that results in a more efficient, reliable clean than your traditional mop and bucket.

Commercial floor scrubbers are a type of machinery that does just as the name suggests: scrubs floors. At WACER, we stock a wide range of different floor scrubbers, including small, medium and large-sized models to clean a variety of floor sizes, as well as ride-on or walk behind scrubbers.

For more details on how they work, check out our blog on choosing a floor scrubber in Perth.

Size of the Area Being Cleaned

The area needing to be cleaned will be a major factor in determining which commercial floor scrubber you need.

Just like you wouldn’t use a mop and small bucket to clean a large space, we recommend you choose a larger model commercial floor scrubber to clean expansive commercial flooring systems and similarly, choose a smaller scrubber to clean any smaller, more awkward floor spaces.

Small commercial areas can be tackled by small floor scrubber models, such as the Conquest Minimag, Polivac A23 and Taski Ergodisc 165, which are energy and water efficient, portable, highly manouverable and quiet during operation

Medium commercial floor scrubbers are designed to clean medium to large floor spaces. When it comes to these larger areas, efficiency, manoeuvrability and overall ease of use are important and you can choose between walk behind or ride on versions to best suit your needs. There are four models of medium floor scrubbers from top brands to choose from in the WACER catalogue.

For expansive areas, such as retail stores, shopping centres, airports, warehouses and the like, you need a machine that will power through the cleaning and leave you with the best possible result.

As large spaces can take a considerable amount of time, the WACER range of large floor scrubbers are all made with productivity and comfort in mind. WACER stocks Conquest-branded scrubbers for larger cleaning jobs, with a range of ride on models that offer high tech features to not just clean your floors, but leave them looking brand new.

Narrow Spaces

If you have narrow, awkward to reach spaces in your premises, you will need to take this into consideration when purchasing a floor scrubber. Walk behind scrubbers are better suited for getting into those tight spaces between desks and down aisles.

Power Source

If you are the kind of person who gets frustrated with tangled vacuum cords or power cables trailing behind you as you work, power sources are a huge consideration for you.

Smaller commercial floor scrubbers are likely to use electric cables for their power, rather than batteries, so you need to know whether the premises has accessible power outlets.

If you opt for battery power, you will also need to consider if your floor scrubber can clean the floors on one charge or if you will need access to power to recharge.

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