The Pros and Cons of Steam Cleaning Equipment

Steam Cleaning Equipment, floor & steam cleaners 

You may have seen numerous television ads and products in stores that promote the use of Steam Cleaning Equipment (steam clean floors).  Many people have varying opinions on how effective steam cleaners are, and there certainly are different benefits to steam cleaning compared to more traditional methods such as a mop and bucket. Non-traditional methods are using steam mops. So, which methods are best? Is floor & steam cleaners really the better option? Depending on what you’re cleaning and what your needs are, you may find that steam cleaning products are the best choice for you. Some examples of these  equipment are the Steamvac Range.

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Commercial Steam Cleaner in Action

Steam Cleaning Pros

Quick to dry for hard surfaces

In Steam Cleaning Equipment (steamer for cleaning floors), if you are using a steam mop or cleaner on hard surfaces, you will notice how much faster a steam clean takes to dry compared to a traditional mop and bucket. Steam cleaners are great for hard surfaces as the steam is quick drying, making it a great option for places where the area needs to be able to be used within a short time. Areas like walkways in commercial buildings will benefit greatly from a steam cleaned floor.

Highly effective clean

As mentioned in the cons section, Steam Cleaning Equipment have a very high temperature output of steam. Although this may cause a safety issue if used incorrectly, it actually helps the cleaner to provide sanitation on the surface it is working on. Bacteria is often unseen by the naked eye, but when a steam mop comes in with very high temperature steam, this helps the bacteria and germs to be killed, providing a completely sanitary result.

Less chemicals

If you’re using Steam Cleaning Equipment around pets and children, you may be worried about the potential dangers of chemicals that traditional floor cleaners use. However, this isn’t an issue when using a steam cleaner. Because the steam itself is what sanitises the surface, you won’t need to use any chemicals. This makes for a great option for those wishing to keep pets and children safe, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

Steam Cleaning Equipment can be used on multiple surfaces

Steam Cleaning Equipment aren’t just for floors. In fact, there are many different products on the market that actually allow different attachments to be used in order to steam clean anything from car interiors, kitchens and windows to sliding doors, mirrors and furniture. In this regard, you could have the option to clean almost any area of the home with just one piece of equipment.

Easier to maintain

Depending on the steam cleaner you choose, cleaning your equipment may be as simple as throwing a reusable pad into the washing machine. Depending on the Steam Cleaning Equipment, many utilise re-usable pads or filters that simply need to be washed before their next use. This means your steam cleaner can last a lot longer, plus you can save a lot of money on not having to buy refills and replacement mop heads.

If you’re thinking about using or buying a Steam Cleaning Equipment, it’s always best to determine what you will use the cleaner for; on what surfaces and where. Different cleaners will be beneficial for different areas and room types, so it’s always best to decide on what works for your own personal needs. However, if you’re looking for a reliable, safe and environmentally friendly cleaner that is hard-working and will last for years to come, WACER has a great range of quality steam cleaners to choose from. We also stock a range of Rotowash Spares.

Some of the drawbacks of Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Equipment may come at a higher price

Steam Cleaning Equipment usually cost a little more than a traditional mop and bucket. Because of the higher manufacturing costs required to produce the equipment, you will need to pay a little more upfront for a steam cleaner. However, one thing you will have to bear in mind is that a steam cleaner only requires water for use. A traditional mop and bucket system will need some form of floor cleaner to add to the water in order to clean and disinfect your floors, meaning more costs per clean. If you want to end up saving money in the long run, a higher initial outlay price may just be worth it.

The steam is incredibly hot

The steam used in floor & steam cleaners gets to very high temperatures, which in some cases can be a safety hazard. The user simply needs to be aware of the steam, and understand how to best use their cleaning product to avoid any kind of injury. Although this is listed as a con, it’s actually one of the benefits of steam cleaning as the high temperatures are what ensures the effectiveness.

Cleaning more often

You may find that Steam Cleaning Equipment requires you to clean more often than using a traditional mop and bucket. Some people believe that a mop and bucket enables you to really get the dirt ingrained in your floors, whilst a steam mop only really cleans the surface of the floor. Depending on the flooring you are cleaning, you may find this to be false. A lot of steam cleaners can work into small grooves in the floor where a mop wouldn’t normally reach. Of course, this depends on the surfaces you’re working with and the strength of your steam cleaner.

Long drying times for carpet

In Steam Cleaning Equipment, using  steam for carpets, you may have to wait up to 24 hours for the carpet to be completely dry and able to be walked on again. This could be inconvenient for some, especially if the carpet is in a workplace or commercial area. However, steam cleaning carpets doesn’t have to be done too often, and it’s actually a great way to sanitise the carpet and offer a deep clean. You will notice that steam cleaners on carpets can help to freshen the look and feel of carpets and remove any nasty smells.

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