Zallys M12 Electric Tug

Zallys M12 electric tug can pull, push and steer wheeled loads up to 1.500 kg (3.306 lb) on flat ground. It is the perfect solution for multiple applications related to logistics in industries, airports, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies or warehouses. M12 increases productivity and reduces manual handling, improving safety and ergonomics of workers.

This electric tug can be equipped with a wide array of accessories, different kind of hitches, ballasts and removable battery packs of various capacity: 30Ah and 45Ah AGM or 40Ah Lithium.

Interchangeable battery packs

The battery packs are lightweight and easily interchangeable, so the machine can cover multiple work shifts: when the charge level is low you can just put it on charge and immediately replace it with another one that is already full charged, so you can always use the machine! Furthermore, these battery packs are available in different amperages: 30Ah, 45Ah with AGM batteries or 4OAh with Lithium.

Everything at your fingertips

The integrated dashboard with LED indicators for the remaining power and the selected speed among the 5 available, can incorporate the controls of the electrical accessories, to guarantee the maximum ergonomics and safety to the operator during use

Perfect adjustment

Gas spring equipped on Zallys vehicles allow a precise and safe adjustment of the tiller, making the unit suitable for use even to multiple operators with very different ergonomic needs.

Modular and effective

The Zallys modular ballast system guarantees maximum flexibility in increasing vehicle performance. Since a single unit weighs just 4 kg, they can be equipped without physical effort by the user, while maintaining all their effectiveness.

Energy of the future at your service

The lithium battery offers many advantages compared to the traditional one: extremely reduced weight. 5 times longer battery life (2000 recharge cycles compared to 400 on traditional batteries), very short recharge times and compact dimensions for improved ergonomics.

5 speed selector switch

The 5-speed button is mounted as a standard feature on the new Zallys M12 tiller head. By pressing it, at each click, you go to the next step. This allows a quick and convenient selection of the correct speed for the type of manoeuvre that the operator has to face. The Flex to Go system has been designed to bring greater manoeuvrability in narrow spaces and more speed on long movements.

Each click adds 20% more speed than the previous step. Speed ramp: 20% – 40% ~ 60% – 80% ~ 100% *

Once the maximum speed is reached, by pressing the button again it returns to 20%.

* These percentages refer to the maximum speed of the machine, indicated in its technical specifications.


Product Specification

SpecificationZallys M12 Electric Tug
Power unit

Electric 24V

Nominal power

0,4 kW

Frame Construction


Emergency reverse button

On tiller head

Acoustic signaling


Noise level at operator’s ears

dB <70

Max. forward speed / backward speed

5,0 km/h

Max. towing capacity on wheels

1,500 kgs

Max. towing capacity on Rails

6,000 kgs


2 x 12V

Nominal Capacity

5 h Ah 28; 20 h Ah 36

Weight of battery pack

23 kgs


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