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USOR Unchained Sweet Breeze

Here is the hottest new peroxide on the market. Designed exclusively by Truck Mount Forums with no fillers, unnecessary additives and not all watered down. If you like USR then you will LOVE USOR Unchained Original or Sweet Breeze. It has incredible boosting power for Biopro 10k, Black Label and any TMF presprays to help get rid of organic stains and odors while brightening carpets naturally. Say goodbye to inferior USR’s and say hello to the best on the planet at an unbelievable low price!


  • PH 6.0
  • Always test for colorfastness
  • Urine odor & stain remover
  • Not recommended for wool
  • Wash hands after contact w/skin
  • Safe for stain resistant carpet
  • Super Concentrated & Pure
  • Mist on stains after removing to prevent wicking
  • Always shake well when using as a booster for presprays

Pet stains can be a huge challenge for professional cleaners. Time for that to end. Now kill all odor-causing molecules on contact with this winning combo of special high grade h2o2, penetrants and Ecocide Extreme. There is nothing as strong or effective on the market to kill odors and remove unsightly yellow pet stains. Simple and easy to use! Oh and smells great too!

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SpecificationUSOR Unchained Sweet Breeze
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Sweet Breeze

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