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TMF Boss Inline Filter

Baddest filter on the planet, The TMF Boss inline filter! Watch the video as it devastates the competition maintaining the highest CFMs, lift, and air flow to help you separate yourself from all your local cleaners with fantastic consistent cleaning power!

Reliabuilt TM built this exclusively for Truck Mount Forums customers!

  • 2x EPDM rubber gaskets
  • Durable HD knobs
  • No hardware holes in body
  • Zero turbulence
  • Zero air leaks
  • Below body ports no pooling
  • Welded back no leaks
  • Reinforced tack welds
  • Handle perfectly tilts unit
  • Handle welded lid
  • Built like waste tank
  • Much stronger – Yet lighter or same weight!

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Product Specification

SpecificationTMF Boss Inline Filter
Aluminum Tubing

1/8 thick


3/16 thick marine aluminum