Superior Fibre

SUPERIOR FIBRE is an economical high performance, low risk, low pH pre-spray,  spotter and extraction fluid that can be used on carpets and upholstery.  SUPERIOR FIBRE is a low foaming and free rinsing pre-spray  that has the performance of products with significant high pH.

Advanced formulation for use on all type of carpets and upholstery.

SUPERIOR FIBRE carpet cleaning chemical in 5 litre jerry cans is our advanced carpet extraction shampoo with a super strength formulation for the fast removal of the toughest dirt, grease and grime.

As a pre-spray add 75ml per 5L (1:65) in a conventional pump sprayer for light to average soiling. For regular. soiling. add 120ml per 5L (1:40) and for heavy soiling. add 160ml per 5L .

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