Prochem Peak 500

Prochem Peak 500 Truck Mounted Cleaning Equipment

Fast warm-up period and holds the heat using two wands. Cerakote®
treated exhaust reduces radiant heat from exhaust components up to 30%.
Economical operation: consumes only 3.78 litres of fuel per hour. Stainless
steel/copper finned tube coil design with manual adjustment control.
Also features a plate engine coolant heat exchanger to preheat incoming
water and reduces engine coolant temperature. Easy to use manual temperature
control. Use our WACER financing options to get this Truck Mount for
a affordable monthly rate.

Product Specification

SpecificationProchem Peak 500
Console Dimensions
101 x 119 x 89 cm (h x l x w)
Console weight
324 kilos
Power unit
Kawasaki 31 hp liquid-cooled engine, 2850 rpm (1200 rpm idle) unleaded petrol
Solution pump
General triple plunger 1750 rpm 24 – 103 bar (350 – 1500 psi) / 13 l/m (3.5 gpm)
Water supply
Automatic fill
Chemical pump
Stainless steel with automatic metering unit
Heat exchanger
Stainless steel / copper finned tube coil and preheat plate 110 C (230 F) Temperature control fully adjustable
Gardner Denver T406 Tri-flo 3250 rpm 14″ Hg 406 cfm
Waste tank
340 litres (automatic shut-off) with optional automatic waste pump-out with console switch
Standard Equipment we install
  • Low profile 14″ 6-jet titanium alloy carpet wand
  • 3 x 15 m (50 ft) 6.3 mm (0.25″) pressure hose
  • 3 x 15 m (50 ft) 50 mm (2″) vacuum hose and connector
  • 1 x 15 m (50 ft) 19 mm (0.75″) inlet water hose
  • 1 x 60 m (195 ft) Slim Line vacuum hose reel
  • Complete installation and operator training
  • Operation and service manual



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