HydroPower Ultra Filter LC

The UNGER HydroPower Ultra is setting a new standard in deionising filter technology for pure water cleaning. A definite value-add for every professional glass and building cleaner. Over 30% more pure water per resin filling. Every Ultra resin pack contains a pre-portioned amount of UNGER premium ion-exchange resin. New formula, perfected for glass cleaning.

Cleaning With Pure Water: Twice As Fast And Saving Costs; Wash, wipe, polish – the three steps to traditional glass cleaning are two too many. You can also achieve perfect results in just one step – with pure water

WHAT IS PURE WATER? It is water in its purest form. Minerals, which would otherwise leave lime deposits behind on the glass, are extracted from the water as though with an invisible magnet. These impurities are known as TDS (dissolved solids) and measured in ppm (parts per million). Water is identified as 100 % demineralised (pure) if the TDS value is 0 ppm.

WHY PURE WATER? Pure water contains phenomenal cleaning power – without using any chemicals whatsoever. One-step cleaning with pure water means there is no need to wipe and polish the glass. The pane dries streak-free and without any deposits. It is twice as quick as with traditional glass cleaning and significantly improves the cost calculations.

HOW IS PURE WATER CREATED? The new deionising filter UNGER HydroPower® Ultra produces 100 % pure water instantly using an ion exchange process. It removes the minerals from tap water. The ion exchange resin becomes saturated with minerals and will need to be changed later. The lifespan of the resin depends on the hardness of the water. The softer the water, the longer the resin lasts.


Product Specification

SpecificationHydroPower Ultra Filter LC

28 × 30 cm


107 cm

Resin pack

3 included


31 Kg inc resin bags


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