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Hi Flow SS Jets For Carpet Cleaning Wands

Different sizes available, eg. 11002, 9501, 9504 etc.

What Do the Numbers Mean?

Eg. 11002  or 9501- the first 2 or 3 numbers is the degrees or width of spray, 110 being 110 degrees, 95 being 95 degrees. Which width you choose depends on your wand and how many jets you have and how close the jets are positioned to the carpet or fabric.

The last two or three numbers determines the flow rate or, how big the hole is in the jet. The larger the number, the larger the hole, the higher the flow rate.

When used in carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment, brass jets should be replaced every six months and stainless jets once a year. Although difficult to detect, jets do wear out and can contribute to uneven cleaning, loss of heat and change of chemical draw.


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Product Specification

SpecificationHi Flow SS Jets For Carpet Cleaning Wands
Hi Flow SS Jets - Sizes

9501, 95015, 9502, 9503, 9504. 11001, 110015, 11002, 11003, 11004