What is Fresco?

FRESCO is an all-in-one washroom cleaner for showers, toilets and ceramic tiles. It has been specially formulated to be environmentally preferable.

Key Benefits

  • Rips through soap scum, limescale & biowaste
  • Thick formula clings to the walls for longer
  • Biodegradable, phosphate-free & eco-friendly

How Does It Work?

FRESCO is an all-purpose washroom detergent and is a forceful cleaner of toilets, urinals and showers. It is also ideal for washroom floors, walls, basins and fixtures. FRESCO’s lime oils deodorise the washroom and leave a fresh lingering fragrance.


FRESCO is an acid-based cleaner. While FRESCO contains natural, organic acids, the complex mixture endows the product with impressive acidity. The usual cautions apply. Keep out of contact with skin. Cleaners should wear gloves. If splashed on skin or in eyes, wash thoroughly with water. See a doctor if irritation persists. If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. Wash mouth out with water, then seek medical attention.

For Use On…

FRESCO will easily dissolve lime, bio-waste, urine, hard surface scale, soap and fat scum on all washroom surfaces, yet it will not harm stainless steel, porcelain, ceramics or glass even during periods of prolonged contact (NOTE : Do not use any acidic products on marble or terrazzo). FRESCO’s thickened formula clings to vertical surfaces allowing the product to work to its fullest potential. While at full strength, FRESCO’s mixture of natural acids provides exceptional cleaning power, clever formulation means that, when diluted, the acid power recedes leaving a solution that is not harmful to grouting or ceramic tiles.

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Product Specification


Transparent blue liquid


Lime perfume


Undiluted, 2


1L, 20L, 5L


Thick foam with good stability

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