First Base

What is First Base?

FIRST BASE is a superior base-coat sealer that gives floors a clear, protective coating which shields them from the harsh effects of traffic wear, spillages and weathering. Because it is water-based, FIRST BASE is odourless, non-flammable and environmentally responsible. It has excellent adhesion and stops surface dusting on concrete. FIRST BASE has a high resistance to UV light and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications (but is not suitable for outdoor timber decks exposed to the rain).

How Does It Work?

FIRST BASE forms a clear film of tough acrylic inside the surface of the floor. This film keeps dirt and spillages out and stops dust from rising out of concrete.

FIRST BASE is an excellent base coating because it fills the porosity in the floor and provides a smooth, even base for the topcoats to spread over. This dramatically improves the life of the film.

For Use On…

FIRST BASE is a clear, non-slip sealer designed for application to vinyl, timber, terrazzo, porous stone and concrete floors. Being water-based, it sets quicker than solvent-based sealers, so floors can return to service within hours. FIRST BASE is excellent in food storage areas where solvents are not permitted. FIRST BASE is a base-coat that is only to be used directly in contact with the bare floor surface.

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Product Specification

SpecificationFirst Base

Milky white liquid




8.0 ± 0.5


20L, 5L


Strippable but requires concentrated stripper


5 – 30 sq. metres per litre on concrete; 30-50 sq. metres per litre on timber and terrazzo.

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