Columbus XP2

The Columbus Sensor XP2 is a highly durable and maneuverable upright vacuum cleaner with a sensor-controlled brush head. Automatically adjusting the brush height for different flooring systems and powered by a 1.6hp motor, the Colombus XP2 is the perfect cleaning tool for your business.

Product Specification

SpecificationColumbus XP2
Light, Quiet and Easy to Use the Sensor XP provides effortless vacuuming:
  • Light handle weight-only 1.5 pounds.
  • Electronic control alerts the operator when bag is full or brush is jammed.
  • Brush automatically adjusts for any carpet or hard floor surface.
  • Brush-assisted movement.
  • Flat-to-floor hinge for cleaning under furniture.
  • Extension hose for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Quiet operation.
Simple to Maintain the Sensor XP’s unique design simplifies machine maintenance:
  • Lights indicate when to change bag or if brush is jammed.
  • Brush belt compartment is sealed from grit, assuring years of use without belt replacement.
  • Brush releases with the push of a button for quick changing.
  • Removable handle for easy electrical cord service.
Reliable Cleaning Performance the Sensor XP’s durable construction and special safeguards provide dependable, high-efficiency vacuuming:
  • Automatic brush adjustment maximizes cleaning efficiency.
  • Automatic system also prevents premature brush, bearing and motor wear.
  • More powerful 1.6 hp, two-stage vacuum motor for superior dirt pick up.
  • Sensor XP shuts off if warning lights are ignored for longer machine life.
  • Backed by WACER’s extensive parts and technical service support.
Increased Productivity: A Complete Vacuuming System in One Machine Sensor XP increases productivity for many cleaning applications:
  • On-board hose for above-the-floor cleaning.
  • Extension wand with easy-grip handle to vacuum in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Crevice tool and upholstery brush stored on back of machine.


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