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WACER carries a full range of Floor Scrubbers for any type floor or industry. From Small floor cleaning equipment to Ride on Floor Scrubbers we have the widest range in WA.

The correct type of Commercial Floor Scrubber is vital to the success of your business. Different types of commercial scrubbers are available at WACER to cater to varied floor types (Tile, Timber, Vinyl etc.) and for industries such as Commercial Kitchens, Hotels, Workshops, and Industrial Factory Floors.

We carry world class Floor Scrubber brands like Rotowash, Mira, RCM and many more.

Choosing the right Floor Cleaning Equipment

When choosing a floor scrubber machine, there are several important factors to consider. The type of floor surface you will be cleaning is crucial – whether you need to sweep, scrub, and dry or just scrub and dry. Consider the surfaces to be cleaned such as terrazzo, vinyl, concrete, wood, carpet, or tiles.

The size of the surface area and any obstructions on the floor will also play a role in determining the best machine for your needs. Think about the frequency of cleans required and choose a robust scrubber dryer if daily cleaning is necessary.

Efficiency is key when making an investment in a floor scrubber machine – aim to improve productivity and reduce overall cleaning costs by using less water and considering energy efficiencies. Storage, access, portability, noise levels, durability, budget constraints, and training requirements should all be taken into account when selecting the right machine for your application.

WACER has been providing floor cleaning solutions in Perth and regional Western Australia since 2004. Our professional team can help you choose the best floor scrubber for your specific needs with an on-site evaluation and expert advice.


Rotowash – One Scrubber for any floor

The Austrian made Rotowash is the ultimate all in one floor cleaning machine. An innovative machine that cleans all types of hard and soft floors, including carpets, lino, vinyl concrete, tiles, wood, marble and rubber. In fact Rotowash is one of the best Tile Scrubber you will find.

Rotowash is the cleaner of choice for contractors and professionals. Portable, simple and straightforward, Rotowash features a dual contra rotating cylindrical brush system that provides superior cleaning results minus the unpleasant odours left by traditional machines.


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Choosing the Right Floor Scrubber:

So, how do you choose the correct floor cleaning equipment? A walk-behind floor scrubber or a ride-on scrubber? commercial floor scrubber ?

The answer lies in the size and shape of the area you’ll be cleaning & the type of Floors you need to clean. A Tile Scrubber for a small area will require a different machine to cleaning a large area. Choose a commercial floor scrubber such as a Ride-On floor scrubber if you need to cover a huge area. These type of floor scrubbers are perfect for office floors with wide spaces and floors such as arenas, warehouses, and factory areas. Unfortunately, there are certain areas that Ride-on floor scrubbers can’t reach due to its bulkiness.

If your space has narrow hallways and furniture that you need to work around, then a walk-behind scrubber would be a better choice. Walk-behind floor scrubbers are also compact and light enough to clean elevators and scrub inclined floors. Investing in commercial floor scrubber can be beneficial to any business which has floors that receive high traffic and requires frequent cleaning. It lessens the drudgery of the cleaning process and promotes a healthy working environment. The added speed and efficiency in cleaning, as well as the reduction of health risks, can offset all the costs and translate into a higher return on investments and profits.

WACER carries a comprehensive range of small, medium and large commercial floor scrubbers. These include industry favorites such as Conquest,  Rotowash, Taski , Columbus,  Cimex,  Polivac and Truvox. All models come with comprehensive warranties and WACER’s renowned after-sales service.

If you are in the market for any type of cleaning equipment, check out online the full range at WACER, and if required, call us to arrange for a free onsite demonstration.

At WACER, we have floor scrubber machines that fits your budget and can cater to all your cleaning needs from a tile scrubber to provide a deep clean to carpet extractor to clean a carpet.