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Floor Polishing Machines (buffer machines)  are versatile floor cleaning machines. They operate by using rotating brushes and/or pads to scrub, polish or buff a floor to maintain its appearance. There are a range of  alternative attachments for different floor surfaces, so they are quite  versatile cleaning machines.

Hygiene and spotless presentation are important in spaces such as schools, offices, clinics, and food industry sites. These polishing machine can deliver a perfect shine and gleaming results on all coated floors. They’re available in a range of sizes, depending on the area to be cleaned and polished. They include basic, suction, and straight line models. Polishing your floor has a vast array of benefits. It will increase the lifespan of your floor and reduce the required time between cleans, in addition to making the floor “look good”

Using Floor Polishing Machines on hard surfaces has several benefits:

Polished floors are much easier to clean and resist staining and water damage because the polished layer makes it much harder for dirt and moisture to penetrate.
Floor polishing requires no treatment waiting time or use of harsh chemicals. Traditional cleaning methods employ fillers, waxes, and solvents.
These  polishing machine used directly on high foot traffic areas can help build up a floor’s resistance to wear and tear. Flooring can be buffed to a high finish without becoming slippery. This makes it less susceptible to scuff marks and dust.

Manufacturers we stock and recommend include;

Kerrick, Karcher, Windsor, Razorback, Conquest, Prochem, Hydramaster, Cleanstar, Polivac and Columbus.

we also import and repair Rotowash cleaners; the incredible machine that cleans every kind of floor surface there is.


If you need to clean floors in offices or public spaces during operating hours, you’ll appreciate the low-noise component of a good floor polishing machine. If people are working, they don’t want the distraction of a loudly whining machine and in places such as airports where people are always sitting around, a noisy floor polisher would soon attract attention and complaints.

As well as low-noise, a good floor polisher will also be manoeuvrable, compact, lightweight, user-friendly and energy efficient and at WACER, our floor polisher range ticks all these boxes and more. We have basic, suction and straight line polishing machines in leading brands like Taski, Truvoxand and Polivac, and in 300mm to 500mm, there’s a polisher to suit every commercial application.

400mm polishers

400mm floor polishing machines are a compact solution, suitable for smaller areas needing higher speed polishing on surfaces such as vinyl, terrazzo, marble, timber, polished concrete, and even basketball courts.

They’re typically lightweight, highly manoeuvrable and low noise, making them ideal for high traffic environments requiring daytime cleaning. If you’re responsible for cleaning a small to medium area cost-effectively and on a regular basis, a basic floor polisher such as this should more than meet your needs.

A basic floor polishing machine contains a motor, an operating handle and a conical metal sheath which houses the buffing disk. This area, known as the deck, also contains a drive belt attached to a vertical spindle, which is in turn attached to the flat cylindrical buffing disk which lies parallel with the floor.

When the motor is started, the drive belt turns the spindle and the buffing disk, which has a buffing pad attached to it. The operator steers the machine using the handle and uses the buttons on the top to control the buffer’s actions and speed. By changing the height of the handle, the operator can also alter the position of the buffer relative to the floor and adjust the intensity of the buffing action.

WACER carries a great range of 400mm floor polishers in popular brands such as Hako and Polivac, and all come with comprehensive warranties and our superior after sales support. Have a look at what’s on offer online, and if you’d like to see one of these excellent machines in action, contact us anytime to arrange a free onsite demonstration.

Suction polishers

A suction polisher is a powerful combination of polishing machine and vacuum cleaner, and is ideal for any space where extra hygiene is required. Suction polishing machines use a rapidly spinning pad to buff the floor’s surface, while their suction capability simultaneously removes the fine dust produced during the polishing process. They’re ideal for cleaning hard surfaces in hospitals, clinics, food preparation areas and clean room environments due to their highly efficient dual cleaning capability.

Hospitals have literally acres of hard floors that must be kept spotless to prevent the spread of infection and disease. So if you’re lucky enough to have a hospital cleaning contract, a suction polisher is an essential piece of equipment to have. Floors in food preparation areas in factories and commercial kitchens and caterers also need to be kept in pristine condition and the suction floor polisher is built for the job, not only polishing the floor, but also removing the dust created in the process.

WACER carries an extensive range of suction floor polishing machines in quality brands such as Hako and Polivac, and all our products come with comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties and are backed by our superior after sales support. If you think a suction polisher could be the answer to your commercial cleaning needs, feel free to contact us at WACER and we’ll arrange a free onsite demonstration for you today.

Straight line polishers

A straight line floor polisher is a direct drive machine that delivers high speed polishing for an exceptional shine. When you need fast set, full gloss, wet look floors, a straight line polisher delivers the goods, and is ideal for environments such as schools, hospitals, offices, basketball courts and retail spaces. It works best on surfaces such as vinyl, terrazzo, marble, polished concrete and timber floors, and can also be used to restore surfaces to their original shine.

Direct drive motors are much more efficient than belt driven motors. They are synchronous motors that operate by variable speed 3-phase A/C, with the 3-phase windings housed in the stator and several powerful magnets housed in the rotor. The magnets are dragged by a rotating field created in the stator and because of the lack of friction, direct drive motors can operate at any RPM up to the limits of the motor.

This makes straight line polishers with direct drive motors ideal for making short work of large floor areas which would normally take much longer to polish.

At WACER, we carry an extensive selection of straight line floor polishing machines from trusted manufacturers such as Taski, Truvox and Polivac, all of which are high quality, built to last, and backed by comprehensive warranties and our superior after sales support. To see a straight line polisher in action, simply contact us at WACER and we’ll arrange to come to you for an onsite demonstration.

Why contractors trust WACER

WACER is one of Western Australia’s foremost suppliers of commercial and domestic cleaning equipment and consumables. We’ve been serving the cleaning industry since 2004, and during that time we’ve been firmly committed to supplying cleaning contractors with the best products, the most competitive prices, and after-sales service that goes above and beyond.

Along with equipment sales, we service and repair most makes and models of sweepers, vacuums, scrubbers, spotters, polishers, extractors and pressure washers on the market today. We provide a pick up and drop off repair service, quality workmanship, and fast turnaround times to get you back up and cleaning as quickly as possible.

We also offer Flexi-Rent – a leasing payment solution which is perfect for businesses trying to keep their overheads down. This frees up your cash flow, allows you to upgrade to newer models, and provides a 100% deduction at tax time.

Other services we provide include electrical test and tagging of commercial cleaning equipment, truck mount installations, assistance with spare parts, accessories and chemicals, and free industry advice via our online Blog.