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A carpet extractor is used for deep cleaning carpets, offering a cleaning solution which uses a combination of heat, pressure and suction to remove dirt and grime. Unlike other methods that only remove surface dirt, a commercial  carpet extractor is able to penetrate even the deepest areas of the carpet and provide a much more thorough clean. Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines range in size and come in a variety of styles, including pull, hose & wand and Ride on Carpet Cleaning machines.  WINDSOR CHARIOT is a popular Ride on Carpet Cleaning machine marketed by us.

At WACER, we carry all sizes and styles of carpet extractors from leading brands such as Grace, Lava, Sabrina ,Sabrina Maxi ,Steamvac ,Razorback, Truvox and Windsor, and all come with comprehensive warranties and are backed by WACER’s after sales service.

Truck Mounted Cleaning Equipment

Looking for a commercial carpet cleaning truck mount installer? Look no
further as WACER is WA’s most experienced truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment installer with over 15 years of experience. We specialise in Prochem truck mount carpet cleaning machines and they are the best in the market. So if your in the market for Truck mounted cleaning system, talk to WACER today. Click Here for more details on Truck Mount Carpet Cleaners.

Carpet Encapsulation

The Australian made Polivac C27 Rotary Scrubber
is great for removing grime from carpet, polished concrete, granite,
marble, terrazzo and vinyl. With a smooth 186rpm operation speed and a 40cm pass width, the C27 produces great results in both shampooing carpet as well as bonnet cleaning wet surfaces like bathroom floors. We also carry a range of other Carpet Encapsulation machines. For more details Click Here

Ride On

For faster and better deep cleaning of large carpeted areas, nothing
beats a ride on carpet extractor. WACER are proud to sell and recommend the Karcher Chariot iExtract range, the only stand-on carpet extractor in the industry. Click Here for more Details

We stock models from manufacturers such as Polivac, Karcher, Windsor, Razorback, Kerrick, Cleanstar, Hydramaster, Prochem, Columbus and Conquest, and we distribute and are the sole authorised Australian repairer for Rotowash, the revolutionary machine that can clean any floor surface.

We’re all about providing our customers with the highest level of service, which is why we offer free onsite demonstrations, so you can try before you buy. We also give you the option of Flexi-Renting, rather than having to buy any of our equipment. Leasing lets you acquire needed business assets without depleting your cash flow, allows you to upgrade regularly to the latest models, and means you can claim a 100% tax deduction on your monthly payments. It’s all about serving you better at WACER, and we have everything you need to make your cleaning business thrive – all under one big roof

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The Rotowash

Rotowash is the ultimate all in one. An innovative machine that cleans all types of hard and soft floors, including carpets, lino, vinyl concrete, tiles, wood, marble and rubber, Rotowash is the cleaner of choice for contractors and professionals. Portable, simple and straightforward, Rotowash features a dual contra rotating cylindrical brush system that provides superior cleaning results minus the unpleasant odours left by traditional machines. More details are available HERE

Hose & Wand

Hose & wand carpet extractors are ideal for cleaning large carpeted
areas that are subject to high amounts of day-to-day traffic and frequent spills and stains, such as those in offices, hotels and airports.

The Steamvac Max HP Apollo 1600 delivers up to 1600PSI of steam pressure, effectively removing even the toughest of stains in carpets and on hard floors. With twin, multi-stage vac motors at 1200w each, it’s the high powered cleaning unit for large scale applications. Click Here for more Brands


Steamvac Carpet Cleaning Machines

WACER is the only Authorised Dealer for Steamvac in WA for their Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine range. SteamVac is 100% Australian Made Carpet Cleaning machines. Steamvac continues to support Australian manufactures by having as much of its parts made here The fibreglass body’s , domes , aluminium kick plates and wheel plates , waste baskets , all stainless steel parts , heater elements , electrical wire , pump up wheels , plastic fittings and pipe and cleaning wands and upholstery cleaning tool are all made here in Melbourne.

All SteamVac machines are designed to be functional, economical and portable, while at the same time maintaining the highest of standards necessary to meet the constant pressures of a high demanded, successful carpet cleaning business run today. At WACER we specialise in installation & maintenance of all Steamvac models including; Steamvac RD6, Steamvac Apollo, Steamvac Avenger, Steamvac Auto 1600 PSI, Steamvac Rd5.