How to Reduce Cleaning Costs

Cleaning can be tedious and time-consuming, especially in workplaces of a moderate size!

In commercial spaces, you are dealing with multiple areas that need individual attention, different cleaning supplies and often some elbow grease, which may lead you to wonder whether there is a simpler and cheaper way to get the job done.

So when it comes to cleaning, who doesn’t want to save time AND money?

As experts in commercial cleaning products and commercial cleaning equipment, WACER has developed some top tips to reduce your time spent cleaning, as well as ways to reduce money spent on products.

Simple Tips for Big Results

In life, we tend to overcomplicate things, rather than choosing the more basic route and sometimes, making those small changes to your business can result in both time and money saved!

Reduce Waste and Recycle

Encourage your workplace, or the workplace you are contracted to, to be more “waste wise” by recycling where possible and reducing the amount of unnecessary waste going into desk and kitchen bins. Reduce the number of waste bins and increase recycling points to inspire employees to use the correct bins for their waste and recyclables.

By encouraging the workplace to be more waste wise, you aren’t just saving time spent emptying several bins and resources by only having to replace some bin liners, you’re also doing your part for the environment by ensuring recyclables don’t end up in landfill with other waste.

 Get Organised

Other than being a bit of an eyesore, cluttered desktops and areas in the workplace can be a pain to clean, with additional time needed to manoeuvre commercial cleaning products and equipment around the clutter in order to clean the space.

Decluttering the workplace and creating a space for everything won’t just keep workspaces more organised, it will also ensure that proper cleaning can be carried out in a hygienic and efficient manner.

Stop Debris from Passing Your Front Door

Make a good impression on your guests, clients and other visitors by stopping dirt and debris in its tracks with a mat at each entrance to your commercial premises.

Entrance mats will reduce the need for vacuuming and mopping, increasing the lifetime of your carpets by decreasing the amount of dirt and debris tracked onto them.

On those wet and dreary Perth days, entry mats will also reduce slip hazards and unsightly wet footprints by encouraging people to dry off their feet before they walk on your internal floors.

Hire Cleaners with the Right Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Whether you clean your own premises or contract a professional cleaner to do the job, investing in the right commercial cleaning equipment is a sure way to decrease the time and money spent on cleaning your workplace.

At WACER, we sell and hire a range of commercial cleaning products and equipment to keep your commercial premises looking good as new. We also supply parts and chemicals to use with your equipment and undertake testing and tagging to comply with Australian standards.

If you have any issues with your commercial cleaning products, WACER also takes care of equipment servicing and repairs

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Stop wasting your valuable time and money with overcomplicated cleaning methods and claim your time and money back with WACER.

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